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Gentle Wind Project - Resolution of Lawsuit: Update 15th October 2004

I am pleased to announce that the Lawsuit filed by the GWP against Steve Gamble (Equilibra) and Ivan Fraser (Truth Campaign) has now been dismissed from Court, with prejudice and without costs. To View Court Filing

See Below for Important Update as Maine AG Files Suit Against Gentle Wind:

Firstly, both Ivan and I would like to thank all those wonderful people who donated towards our defense fund. These donations managed to save us around 10% of the total expenditure involved in defending this action. We would also like to thank the hundreds of people who could not donate, but who made contact anyway wishing us every success and offering to help in anyway they possibly could.

Secondly, we would like to thank our Attorney, Bob Frank of Harvey and Frank for his tremendous assistance and his great endeavours in helping us to eventually procure and sustain a common sense approach in this matter.

Thirdly, and most importantly to me, I would like to thank my good lady wife Monica for putting up with me and all the hassle, stress and worry she has endured over the last seven months or so. It has been some journey! One big learning curve.

Finally, in the end at least, I believe this has been a victory for common sense and a victory to hold onto our right to free speech  - made in the right context of course.

The GWP (the Plaintiffs) and Steve and Ivan have reached a consensual Agreement. Neither Ivan nor I have had to pay the GWP, the Plaintiffs, or the Courts any money whatsoever in reaching this agreement. It has cost us only our attorney fees.

This Agreement can be viewed here for those who may be interested, and also so there can be no missunderstandings as to what both parties have agreed to. The agreement is in PDF format - Download Agreement

This agreement means Ivan and I have agreed to remove links to the GWP and former members websites from our websites. An article about the GWP, slightly amended, (gentlewindupdate.pdf) written by Ivan and myself reflecting our personal and critical opinions about some of the GWP Healing Instruments and methods used to promote them will remain on our websites, but from hereon in, it is agreed that this particular article will not be altered or added to.

However, this does not prevent Ivan or I from reporting reliable, newsworthy and factual information about the GWP in the future, or from expressing our personal opinions about the effectiveness of the GWP's products, or providing critical observations about GWP products or claims where the criticism is based on information authored and published by governmental agencies or independent standards organisations, or on scientific, statistical or recognised qualitative analysis.

This agreement also means that the GWP and the Plaintiffs cannot engage in unsupported disparagement of either Ivan or myself. Likewise, we cannot disparage without support the GWP or the Plaintiffs either.

I can hear the fat lady singing, and her voice is as sweet as honey.

In love, light and peace to everybody.



*For anybody who would like to find out more about the Gentle Wind Project, you could search the Internet for 'The Gentle Wind Project' and/or 'Gentle Wind Project TV/News/Lawsuit'.